Do I need my own score

Yes you will need to bring your own copy of the full vocal score of Mendelssohn’s Elijah. Any edition will do, but we will be singing in English
There will be no scores available for hire on the day

Where can I get hold of a score of Elijah

You may be able to borrow a score from your local library – or if you are a member of a choir, from fellow members who are unable to attend on the 12th October. Alternatively, you can buy one from Choraline using this link . Please make sure you buy the full Vocal Score – and remember to quote the ‘VFH’ as the discount code. Scores are also available via ebay and Amazon.

Are there any resources to help me practice in advance?


The John Fletcher Music site has free rehearsal mp3 files for Elijah – just click here (you will need to register for a free subscription)
Alternatively you can buy rehearsal CDs from Choraline via this link – again remember to quote the ‘VFH’ as the discount code.
Also try Choralia

Is there a dress code?

There is no obligatory dress code for the choir but we would ideally like singers to wear predominantly dark clothing (black, dark navy or grey) with a bright purple scarf/shawl/tie – something roughly the colour of our logo. Other than that we suggest that you come in something comfortable – preferably with a few layers so you can adjust according to temperature. The Cathedral can be a cool place even on the hottest of days.

Will I be standing with my Choir?

The plan is that singers will be in voice parts. However if you arrange to meet your fellow sopranos/altos/tenors/ basses on arrival you will certainly be able to organise stand/sit together within your voice part. Because there is no choral staging, we will all be on the Cathedral floor, so singers’ height will need to be
catered for! Tall at the back of the section, small at the front. The conductor will organise seating changes of any that can’t see him—that is, if anybody cares to look his way!

Can I reserve spaces in advance?

Spaces can not be reserved in advance. However if you arrive with friends or arrange to meet up on arrival there is no reason why you cannot stand with those singing the same voice part. Please be aware that the conductor may move people around if he feels it necessary ie to improve the sound/help singers to see him etc

Is there any seating for singers?

The Cathedral has seats for all singers and audience.

Where will the audience be?

Singers and audience will all be in the main Nave of the Cathedral, with some audience on the Chancel steps . We are turning the seats around so that the maximum number of singers will be able to see the conductor soloists and orchestra.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately Winchester Cathedral does not allow animals other than assistance dogs.

Is there Disabled Access?

Yes, Winchester Cathedral has access for all levels of ability. Please make yourself known to one of the yellow-sashed VfHers who will help you to a seat.

What should I do if I have a problem on the day?

There will be many Stewards (VfHers!) wearing distinctive yellow sashes and Cathedral Virgers during the rehearsal and the performance. If you have any queries or problems on the day simply speak to one and they will assist you.

I can not make the 12th October. Are there other ways I can support the event?

Yes -you could help publicise the event by telling friends and family about it, sharing info on facebook and twitter and asking shops, cafes, hotels pubs etc to display leaflets. You could also make a donation via our Virgin Money Giving Page in lieu of buying a ticket. Many thanks for your support.

Where can I stay in Winchester?

Winchester has many hotels, BnB’s and Air BnB properties. Just type in your search engine “Where to stay in Winchester UK” and all the options come up!

However, if you want the shortest walk to and from the Cathedral, the Wessex Hotel has a deal for us.

If you phone Vicki Schroeder on 01962 861611 or 01962 312800 and mention Voices for Hospices Choir concert you can purchase a BnB deal with a single occupancy room at £119pn or Double or Twin at £129pn.

Are we singing all of the Elijah?

No, We are reducing the solos and choruses so that we are left with all the good bits! There will be plenty of extirpating of foes and thunder, lightening and fiery chariots to make an exciting and dramatic concert for singers soloists orchestra and audience.

Running order

We have left out He that shall endure–it holds up the action and although a good chorus, doesn’t add to the story much!

Do I need a black cover for my score?

We would normally ask that either all editions are the same, or that black folders are necessary. It gives a more professional appearance! However on this occasion, with choir seating being as close together as in a Cathedral service, and knowing the size of some black folders, John has said to leave scores as they are. There will be many and various states of editions of Elijah (mine is at least 40 years old!). I will however be covering mine in black paper, Which might be an idea for all? But with every singer wearing a touch of purple, to bring unity to proceedings, let’s hope the audience (much outnumbered by the singers!) won’t notice the different scores!.

If you have any further questions please email us on [email protected]