You will need your own copy of the full vocal score (any edition) of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” and a copy of the Hospice prayer.

You can download words  the Hospice Prayer (and the day’s programme) from this link. If you are bringing non-singing friends and family please download extra copies for them as everybody will be invited to join in these items.

If you don’t already have an Elijah Score you can buy one from Choraline using this link  – please ensure you buy the full Vocal Score – don’t forget the  VFH discount code (VFH)
Please note there will be no scores or word sheets available for hire on the day.

Rehearsal Resources
If you would like to do a bit of private practice before the day you might find the following links  useful. Also Choralia have good rehearsal mp3s.

Rehearsal CDs are available for sale from Choraline via this link – there are  ‘with’ or ‘without singer’ options – remember to quote the discount code (VFH) when you make a purchase.